Conscious consumerism and sustainable industry practices require education about the market and the product. Learn more about women and coffee by reading the carefully selected articles below.


Women in Coffee

  1. Women in the Coffee Industry: What We Should Know

    An introduction to gender gaps that exist in the coffee industry from origin to retail

  2. Can Gender Equity Solve Coffee’s Sustainability Problem?

    A unique perspective on the effects of empowering disenfranchised women coffee producers

  3. The Future of Coffee Farming is Female

    A fresh take on the need to re-examine the coffee supply chain and “look at how do we get the money in the hands of the women”


Green Coffee Pricing

  1. How is Green Coffee Bought and Sold?

    Basic insight into the business required to take beans from origin and bring them to your cup every day

  2. Seasonality – When are Particular Coffees in Season?

    This interactive map provides a visual guide to seasonality and the importance of recognizing that many coffee-producing regions only harvest once a year, giving producers one chance to earn fair prices for a year-long investment

  3. Green Coffee Pricing Transparency Is Critical (And Complicated)

    A more in-depth analysis of the effects pricing can have on the sustainability and profitability of coffee production


Coffee Basics

  1. Coffee Basics: What is Single-Origin Coffee?

    Learn more about what effects the quality and categorization of different coffees you see on the shelf and in coffee shops

  2. Brewing Basics: How to Make Better Coffee

    Brewing technique can change the way your coffee ultimately tastes. Use this guide to perfect your skills!