Our Vision

Women have long worked for coffee.


Now it’s time to make coffee work for women. Specialty coffee farmers should be fairly compensated with prices that reflect quality as well as what specialty coffee consumers are paying for roasted coffees. To achieve this outcome, farmers need access to better market information and to larger and more diverse market networks. 

These market challenges are amplified for women farmers.

Currently, women perform a majority of the field work, harvesting, and sorting in the cultivation of coffee; however, they are underrepresented in transporting, exporting, and ownership of coffee farms.

Grounds for Empowerment provides women specialty coffee farmers the market connections and business know-how to enable them to reach their full economic potential.




Our Solution

Genuine economic opportunity.


Transforming the potential inherent in promising women coffee farmers into genuine economic opportunities requires a holistic approach; one that works on business know-how and marketplace connections.

Our incubator program supports these women as they transform promising coffee farms into prosperous small businesses. Continue reading for more insight into the model we use to achieve these changes.



"This network of committed supporters and consumers motivates me to maintain my promise to quality as a specialty coffee producer.”

- Alexa Marin, Finca San Antonio



Our Model

A unique approach to empowerment.


Cohort of Farmers

Cohort 2.png

GFE works with partners on the ground in Nicaragua to recruit a small cohort of promising women specialty coffee farmers. These farmers participate in our programming and travel for events. Our partner, Vega Coffee, roasts and sells GFE coffees to supportive customers around the United States.

Learning Modules

Modules 2.png

GFE develops and delivers practical learning sessions that help coffee farmers participate more effectively in specialty coffee markets. With the help of a diverse group of advisors, GFE farmers gain unique perspectives on topics like storytelling, social media, cost of production, and relationship management.

Market Connections

Network 2.png

By engaging university-based coffee communities in the broader specialty coffee market, GFE creates a more receptive network for small specialty coffee farmers. GFE farmers connect with the local market at the annual Community Forum in Atlanta & with the global market by attending the Specialty Coffee Expo.