GFE at the Expo

April 20 - 21, 2018

 Grounds for Empowerment (GFE) will host two important events at this year’s Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle. As specialty coffee markets develop, opportunities are opening up for farmers to sell their small-lot coffees. To capitalize on these opportunities, entrepreneur-minded farmers need help closing critical knowledge, network and funding gaps. GFE provides women specialty coffee farmers the market connections and business know-how that allow them to reach their full economic potential. Our three-year incubator program supports these women as they transform promising coffee farms into prosperous small businesses. Join us for a panel event and cupping to explore these ideas further.

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GFE Panel Discussion

In the last two years, the GFE program has found roles for universities, cooperatives, roasters and supply chain supporters. The panel at this year’s Specialty Coffee Expo will bring together several GFE partners to discuss the importance of collaborative, multi-stakeholder programs that cultivate economic opportunities for farmers.

  • Title: Making Specialty Coffee Work for Women - Collaborative Incubator Models to Help Specialty Coffee Farmers Reach Their Full Potential
  • W.S. Convention Center, Room TCC Chelan 2 on Friday, April 20 @ 9am

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GFE Cupping

We will also host an innovative and informative coffee cupping. Joined by friends from De La Gente (Guatemala), Long Miles Coffee Project (Burundi) and Direct Origin Trading (Colombia), this cupping will highlight a unique group of farmer-focused coffee programs and importers.

  • Title: Grounds for Empowerment
  • W.S. Convention Center, Room 618 on Saturday, April 21 @ 8:30am

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