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About Finca Satchibal

Petrona Perez is a producer from Qom, a village near Jacaltenango in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Located at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, Huehuetenango is recognized for producing not only the best coffees in Guatemala but some of the best coffees around the world. While her farm is small, only three manzanas, it is a source of pride for Petrona and is her family’s primary means of survival. With each passing cultivation, they refine their processes with the aim of continually improving the quality of their coffee. Petrona is extremely proud of the world-class quality coffee that she produces - notably receiving cupping scores in the high 80’s for her most recent harvest.

Petrona’s mother established the farm, Satchibal, twenty years ago when her father migrated to another country in search of better opportunities. From this moment on, she can recall countless examples of her mother making sacrifices and remembers her carrying coffee on her back down long, treacherous roads. Her mother’s dedication to making a better life for their family was visible in everything she did, and this effort is what has made the farm successful.  As soon as she was old enough, Petrona fully committed to helping her and took charge of the farm.

The farm name "Satchibal” translates as “the fruit of the tree," and for Petrona, the coffee is the fruit of labor and dedication to her farm. Petrona produces bourbon and caturra varietals in the traditional manner, first washing it by hand and then drying it in patios where it is strictly-controlled to guarantee the highest quality possible. She and her family are intentional about the supply chain to guarantee that they are producing the best coffee for their customers. Petrona believes that this adds value for customers and hopes that prices will begin to reflect these efforts. To be a coffee producer is her passion; it is part of her history, identity, and heritage. Through her dedication to coffee, she is contributing to an improved quality of life for her family.  

Thank you for sharing in this journey with us.

Farm Specs

SIZE: 3 manzanas (approx. 5.15 acres)

ALTITUDE: 1700 - 1800 masl

VARIETAL: Caturra, Bourbon



LOCATION: Huehuetenango, Guatemala



Contact Information:

+502 3252 1516