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About Finca Chuatacaj

When she was growing up, Margarita Alvarez often visited her grandparents’ farm. It was during these visits that she saw their dedication to growing coffee. Some of her favorite weekends were spent visiting the farm, helping with the harvest and running through the rows of coffee trees alongside her sister and cousins. Today, Margarita and her father have the same level of dedication to the production of coffee as her grandparents did in the past. Finca Chuatacaj is a small farm located in San Jose Poaquil, Chimaltenango, Guatemala with an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. Margarita and her family produce bourbon, caturra and catuai, which are varieties known especially for their aromatics and notes of citrus and chocolate.

Despite three generations of farm ownership, the family has struggled to navigate the complicated supply-chain that affects many coffee farmers and the price they receive for their coffee. For many years, her father and grandparents sold their coffee to intermediaries, whose price paid to the producers are generally below market value and affect the family’s ability to invest in expansion and renovation initiatives. Over the last few years, Margarita has been looking to partner with direct-trade buyers who better understand the true value of her coffee, her goals, and all the life and passion put into it.

Margarita’s grandfather was a lover of nature, and this love of the land was passed down to her through the time she spent with her family on the farm. Margarita remembers these times with nostalgia, a period that has forever positioned her as an advocate for the natural environment, which has led to the inclusion of sustainability initiatives and shade trees that help to support the coffee grown on the farm. She hopes to continue to invest in environmental practices and to establish lasting market connections, leading to a more sustainable future for farm.

Farm Specs

SIZE: 4 manzanas (approx. 6.9 acres)

ALTITUDE: 1850 masl

VARIETAL: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Sachimor


FLAVOR PROFILE: Citrus and chocolate

LOCATION: San Jose Poaquil Chimaltenango, Guatemala



Contact Information:

+502 3297 1621 // +502 5359 0928