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About Finca La Herencia

Finca La Herencia has been inherited generation after generation over the past forty years. The farm has been the livelihood and opportunity for development for the community and for Iris Santos Lopez’ family. For her family, the most important principles are to coexist, empower, and to learn the ins and outs of the coffee crop that has been a part of their family’s culture for years.

Located near the Eastern Guatemalan city of Esquipulas, Finca La Herencia sits at 1325 meters above sea level in the midst of a mountain range. The farm covers 3.5 manzanas and grows a number of resilient varieties including caturra, pacamara and catimor. All coffee at Finca La Herencia is shade-grown and carefully hand-picked among citrus and banana trees.

Iris and her family has been successful in their community, but have big dreams for their coffee business. A major goal for Iris and her community is to start a small coffee school where people can gather to learn about coffee-specific agricultural practices. She imagines a space that will become a center for the community to unite and embrace learning opportunities.

Everyday, her family works to come out ahead and ready for the next challenge. With each harvest at Finca La Herencia, Iris learns a little more, improving the farm’s practices and getting closer to her goals for quality and opportunity.

Farm Specs

SIZE: 3.5 manzanas (approx. 6 acres)

ALTITUDE: 1325 masl

VARIETAL: Caturra, Pacamara, Catimor



LOCATION: Esquipulas, Chiquimula Guatemala

COOPERATIVE: Asociacion de Comunidades del Norte de Esquipulas


Contact Information:

+502 4154 1978