About Mujeres Con Esencia a Cafe R.L.

We are Mujeres con Escencia de Cafe R.L.: mothers, daughters, and coffee growers who are blessed with our land that has given us food, clothes, and funds to provide the necessities for our families. Being completely involved in each and every activity within our homes, we are conscious of how our work as coffee growers allows us support those needs.

We are 22 women growers of specialty coffee living in San Marcos, a rural community enclaved in the skirts of the grandeur of Central America, the Tajumulco volcano, in the southwestern region of Guatemala. Our organization, Mujeres con Esencia de Café R.L., has successfully unified more than 90 years of expertise in the cultivation of Bourbons, Catimors, Catuai, and other novel coffee varieties. We are seeking to increase our operations through replanting and coffee crop renovations.

As partners of the cooperative, we harvest individually and sell our products collectively. Through our communal access to market, we are able to achieve a small differential revenue that otherwise   previously remained untapped.

Our coffee business, through direct and indirect ways, has been our major source of employment and economic sustenance. We are accustomed to working arduously in our fields just as much as in our own homes; we believe that achieving the cooperative entity serves as a testament to our work ethic. We are seeking to have our coffee fairly valuated not only because we are women coffee growers, but also because we are committed to providing a unique specialty coffee product.  

Farm Specs

SIZE: 27.5 manzanas (approx. 47.3 acres)

ALTITUDE: 1150-1500 masl

VARIETAL: Bourbon, Catimor, Icatu, CR95, Anacafe14, Sarchimor

PROCESS: Conventional, Dry

FLAVOR PROFILE: Clean, Sweet, Flora, Acidic

LOCATION: San Marcos, Guatemala


Contact Information:

WhatsApp: +502 4570 1973

Email: magabyoc@gmail.com