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About Finca San Antonio

Alexa Marín is a Nicaraguan coffee producer. Her farm, Finca San Antonio, is a representation of her family, both past and present. Alexa's origins in coffee came from her mother, Elisa, a single mother who had managed to defy the gender norms of the time. Elisa converted the land that her mother gave her in a way of life, through the production of coffee, in association with bananas, bananas, citrus fruits and vegetables.

Alexa grew up on the farm and, together with her mother, helped transform it. Alexa continued to inherit an untouched part of her mother's plot of land and decided that she too would grow coffee. Around that time Alexa had her first child, Roberto Antonio. As a single mother herself, Alexa saw the farm as an opportunity for her economic growth and named Finca San Antonio in honor of her son. With the help of her mother and the support of her cooperative, Alexa transformed the land, once empty, into a lush coffee farm.

Today, Alexa runs her farm with the knowledge and experience she inherited from her mother, who lived to the age of 100, and with the help and enthusiasm of her two sons, Roberto Antonio and Cristhian Leonel - 28 and 18 years old. respectively-. Alexa is currently associated with a cooperative of the town of Dipilto, which belongs to a second level organization called PRODECOOP RL, which works with many small coffee producers. Dipilto is a town near the border of Nicaragua with Honduras and is located 292 kilometers from the country’s capital Managua. This small town has also been recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of coffee that is produced in the region.

Finca San Antonio is located in a mountain range full of pines and oaks, and at an altitude of 1,280 meters above sea level. It covers 4 manzanas, (2.8 hectares or 6.9 acres) and produces approximately 5000 pounds of exportable coffee every year, of the Caturra varietal.

As Finca San Antonio continues to grow, it is a symbol of success and hope for Alexa as it has brought her family forward.

Farm Specs

SIZE: 4 manzanas (approx. 6.9 acres)

ALTITUDE: 1280 masl




LOCATION: Dipilto, Nicaragua


Contact Information: