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About Finca El Oasis

Ramona Diaz' farm is located in a small, colorful village in Northern Nicaragua called San Juan del Rio Coco. Her farm is located behind the small home that she shares with her husband and four children.

She both an excellent coffee farmer and a leader in the association of smallholder coffee producers that she is a part of. She acts as a  “Cooperative Gender Representative” as which she advocates for different activities to promote women’s active participation in the industry.

Her coffee farm, Finca El Oasis, is a 2.5 manzana (4.3 acre) that produces 4,000 pounds of exportable green coffee every year. Her farm is located at 1250 meters above sea level, in a mountain full of lush green trees with amazing views of the Nicaraguan countryside.

Born and raised in rural Nicaragua, Ramona grew up in a conservative culture where she never expected to travel as an advocate for the coffee industry.

Today, Ramona says that she does not feel any different or less successful than her husband, despite the ingrained conservative male-female beliefs with which she grew up. She states that she feels as much of a leader as her husband, who she claims is her biggest supporter.

As a matter of fact, it was her husband who insisted that Ramona learn about the technical and financial aspect of the coffee growing industry and have her own farm, so that she could be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

While cooperatives of coffee farmers and the larger coffee growing industry remain mostly male dominated, Ramona’s cooperative consists of 30% women, which is far more than the country’s average.

Aside from her efforts as a coffee grower, Ramona prides herself on being environmentally conscious. She not only uses sustainable practices at her farm, but she is also a part of the reforestation movement in her community and uses no harmful chemicals on her coffee farm.

Ramona’s pride and joy is in the hard work that she has invested into her farm. The quality of her coffee absolutely reflects that hard work. A significant portion of Ramona’s motivation comes from her family. As a third generation coffee farmer, she obviously sees coffee in her family’s future, and she also believes that the farm is “key to [her] children’s education.”

Despite the difficulties of being a smallholder coffee farmer, Ramona has a positive outlook towards the future that is contagious. “If I envision that next year will be better, I know it will be,” she says. “My family and I, we’ve been through so much, and I know that better opportunities are coming our way”

Farm Specs

SIZE: 2.5 manzanas (approx. 4.3acres)

ALTITUDE: 1250 masl




LOCATION: San Juan del Rio Coco, Nicaragua


Contact Information:

“Cada mañana, me despierto a mi pedazo de cielo, un verdadero oasis…”