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About Finca Alborada

Ivania Calderón is a coffee producer from Nicaragua,  Her beautiful and remote farm, named Finca Alborada, is approximately 12 manzanas (20.7 acres) and located at 1250 meters above sea level on Kilambé Mountain, a natural reserve in the heart  of Central America. This natural reserve is very rich in natural resources, with 40 rivers and over 200 different species of flora and fauna. This natural environment provides the perfect weather to grow high-quality coffee. Finca Alborada produces approximately 40,000 pounds of green coffee every year.

Ivania’s  farm’s name Alborada means “Dawn”, she chose this name in agreement with her mother because the first thing that they do when they get up at dawn to work at the farm is to have a cup of coffee. “There is no morning without coffee”, says Ivania with a smile.

And she wants people to enjoy that pick-me-up joyful feeling when they drink her coffee.

Ivania grew up in a coffee family, she is a third-generation coffee farmer, and from a very young age she learned that life on the farm can be hard and involves lots of physical work and often waking up before the sun rises.  

When she turned 15 she found a job at a local bank, and welcomed the opportunity to work on the nearest town and leave the farm life.  But a few years later the bank office closed and she got some money from her severance. Her mother convinced her to buy a farm and get back into coffee. She found additional motivation and encouragement by joining her cooperative and working with associations of small coffee producers.

After wanting to leave the farm because she  saw no future in coffee, she now shares that coffee farming has provided her opportunities to travel and meet people from all over the world. As a mother of  5 kids and also being responsible of her mom, she has always considered herself to be very driven and self-motivated. Some of the opportunities she has had have also motivated her kids.

“At first my kids used to say: “sell the farm mom”, but I always say it as my working capital. Now my kids are more motivated by the coffee business. 3 of my kids have already graduated from college. One is still in college and 1 is in high school. My older son studied agribusiness and marketing and plans on using his knowledge to support our farm and is motivated with making the jump to entrepreneurship. My older daughter says she wants to start a coffee shop, and my youngest son enjoys attending local trade shows and promoting our farm.”

Farm Specs

SIZE: 12 manzanas (approx. 21 acres)

ALTITUDE: 1100 masl




LOCATION: Wiwili de Jinotega, Nicaragua


Contact Information:

+503 8432 3843 / +503 8402 0120

No hay manana sin cafe….”