Our Farmers

Meet the current Grounds for Empowerment cohort from Nicaragua. Not only do we love to share their coffee, but more importantly, we love to share their stories.


Finca Alborada - Ivania Calderon.JPG

Ivania Calderon

Ivania Calderón’s farm is located in Wiwili de Jinotega. Ivania is part of the coop La Providencia. Her beautiful and remote farm, named Finca Alborada (1100 masl), is approximately 12 manzanas (20.7 acres) and located on Kilambé Mountain, which provides the perfect weather to grow high-quality coffee.

El Alboroto means “the fuss.” The origin of the name is unknown, but as the story goes, it was given to the farm because of all of the commotion from a variety of farm animals and the family gatherings. When locals are asked of the whereabouts of her farm, people respond, “Just follow the noise, ‘the fuss’ is that way!”



Ramona Diaz

Ramona Diaz' farm, Finca El Oasis, is located in San Juan del Rio Coco. She both an excellent coffee farmer and the gender representative at her coop, which is part of PRODECOOP, a large coffee cooperative located in Esteli, Nicaragua. She has a 2.5 manzana (4.25 acre) coffee farm at 1280 masl, that she runs with her husband and 4 children.

Ramona comes from a family who has worked and loved coffee for generations, and she is passing that love and experience to her husband, who had never worked in coffee before they met. Ramona’s pride and joy is in the hard work that she has invested into her farm, and the quality of her coffee absolutely reflects that hard work.

Finca El Oasis - Ramona Diaz.JPG

Finca San Antonio - Alexa Marin.jpg

Alexa Marin

Alexa Marin’s farm, Finca San Antonio, is located in the Cordillera de Dipilto mountain range north of the town of Dipilto at 1280 masl. Alexa is part of the Ramon Sevilla cooperative. On the steep and forested slopes of her farm, Alexa grows 4 manzanas (6.9 acres) of a popularly grown Central America coffee variety called Caturra.

Alexa’s family history is deeply rooted in this region of Nicaragua and she has owned Finca San Antonio for more than 2 years. She sees her work on the farm as an opportunity to support her sons' education and provide for her family. She is constantly looking for ways to invest in her farm and encourage her sons to stay working in coffee just as her mother did for her.


Our Roasting Partner

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Vega Coffee is creating a new coffee experience as the first specialty coffee roasted at origin and delivered directly to customers in the US – within 5 days of roasting and without any middlemen. Vega’s team is made of smallholder farmers who are specialized roasters, carefully trained in all aspects of coffee production from seed to cup. By taking on more of the supply chain, Vega farmer roasters earn 4x more income, and learn skills that will pay dividends throughout their careers. Meanwhile, Vega customers are part of a transparent and evolved supply chain that delivers only rare, premium coffee from Nicaragua.

GFE is proud to partner with Vega to increase economic opportunities in local farming communities through job creation, skills training and professional opportunities for women (over 90% of Vega’s farmer roasters are women).

Each harvest season, GFE purchases green coffee from each of our farmers and has it freshly roasted by Vega Coffee. By selling roasted coffee, we are able to raise awareness and to engage with our community beyond origin.

To learn more about Vega Coffee, go to: www.vegacoffee.com.

Vega Coffee is headquartered in Esteli, Nicaragua. Vega equips small scale farmers with the tools and training to become specialized coffee roasters and earn more income as farmer roasters at Vega HQ.