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About Finca La Estrella

The sound of the water, the lingering scent of wet earth, the cackling emanating from the trees – during the time of harvest, the farm came alive with all the people who joined to collect coffee with their families.  For me, it was a party! I have beautiful memories of my childhood growing up on the farm.

The farm is located in the center Retalhuleu, 600 meters above sea level. Finca La Estrella is a natural sanctuary of 110 manzanas open to all. As a private nature reserve, we teach our collaborators to love the land, to recycle, how to care for the creatures that call Finca La Estrella home and the value of leaving them in their natural habitat. We are proud of our active role in taking care of the environment, knowing that future generations will be able to enjoy the flora and fauna.

With attention to the little details and focus on preserving the environment, we have produced better quality coffee with richer flavor - up to 87 points!

Our coffee grows under the shade of native trees like Palo Blanco, Guayabo and Ingas.  Low altitude, consistent rain, and a thriving natural environment make our soils very fertile (and our coffee delicious).  We produce washed coffee, which is processed on an open patio and dried in close quarters, allowing us to harvest well into the rainy season. We grow many distinct varieties; Catuai, Catucai, Castillo, Sarchimor and Caturra.

In recent years we have encountered many challenges, not only coffee diseases, but in price.  This has made us more resilient and caused us to improve not only the quality but also our business model. We have worked to streamline our processes and learned to reduce costs. Due to the ups and downs in the prices of coffee we have been diversifying our farm activities including the cultivation of rubber and the addition of cattle to the property.

Still, we fight to stay at in coffee.

Coffee is the culture that I carry in my heart.  Through this beloved crop, I have had the opportunity of knowing many incredible people, from Guatemala and beyond.  For me, coffee unites the world.

Farm Specs

SIZE: 110 manzanas (approx. 189 acres)

ALTITUDE: 600 masl

VARIETAL: Catuai, Catucai, Castillo, Sarchimor, Caturra


FLAVOR PROFILE: Chocolate, red peppers, herbaceous

LOCATION: San Marcos, Guatemala


Contact Information:

+502 5309 9920