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GFE Buyer's Club

A GFE Buyer's Club (BC) is coordinated by one committed person, who organizes a collective order of GFE coffee for a group that wants to buy 8+ bags of coffee per month. These collective orders cut costs on shipping, giving more buying power to our customers by returning those savings back to you. Each BC receives a unique discount code that provides free shipping for your order.

Current GFE Buyer's Clubs

Current GFE Buyer's Clubs



How to Create a Buyer's Club

Want to create a Buyer's Club? We make the process easy.

BC Handout graphic 1.png

Step 1 - Ensure that You Can Fulfill 3 Requirements

  1. Your group needs to be able to purchase 8+ bags per month
  2. As the BC Leader, you need to send reminder emails twice a month to your BC members.
  3. All orders will be delivered to your location for your BC members to pick up their coffee. You will need to establish a suitable system for them to retrieve their coffees.
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Step 2 - Notify GFE and Wait to Receive BC Code

GFE will work with our roasting partner, Vega Coffee, to create a unique discount code for you and your BC members. You can use this code during the checkout process to receive free shipping (on up to 5 bags per individual order).

BC Handout graphic 3.jpg

Step 3 - Congratulations! Your BC is Official

Go to the GFE website to purchase your coffee and be sure to use your discount code.* Share your code with your colleagues or customers so they can join the fun!

*All Buyer’s Club coffee orders are delivered based on the address associated with the discount code.



How to Buy with a Buyer's Club

Want to join a Buyer's Club? Follow these three simple steps.


Step 1 - Head to the GFE Shop

  • Select the coffees you would like to purchase
  • Proceed to checkout - a new window will appear from our roaster Vega Coffee's website for you to complete your purchase
BC Handout graphic 5.png

Step 2 - Purchase Your Coffee Using Your BC Code

  • When at checkout, enter your unique BC discount code
  • Complete the order and the coffee will be delivered to your GFE BC leader by the next delivery date (ask your BC leader for these dates)
BC Handout graphic 6.png

Step 3 - Pick Up Your Coffee

  • We will share a distribution table with your BC leader and they will notify you when the coffee is ready for pickup
  • The sooner you pick up your coffee, the fresher it will be
  • Enjoy!