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About Us


Grounds for Empowerment (GFE) is one of the specialty coffee programs powered by Social Enterprise @ Goizueta, an action-oriented research center located within the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. GFE provides women specialty coffee farmers the market connections and business know-how that allow them to reach their full economic potential. Our program supports these women as they transform promising coffee farms into prosperous small businesses.


The Challenge

Currently, women perform a majority of the field work, harvesting, and sorting in the cultivation of coffee; however, they are underrepresented in transporting and exporting coffees, and in the ownership of coffee farms.

Our Solution

Transforming the potential inherent in promising women coffee farmers into genuine economic opportunities requires a holistic approach; one that works on business know-how and marketplace connections.

Our Model

  1. Identify: GFE works with partners on the ground in Nicaragua to enroll a small cohort of promising women coffee farmers.

  2. Learn: GFE works to develop practical understandings that help coffee farmers participate more effectively in specialty coffee markets.

  3. Connect: GFE engages with university-based communities and with individuals in the broader specialty coffee market to recruit advisors, supporters and potential customers for participating GFE farmers.



How to Get Involved


1. Buy GFE Coffee

By purchasing GFE coffee, you’re helping sustain our programming and support our cause. You also get to enjoy the amazing specialty coffee that the farmers in our program have carefully grown, curated, and picked.                                                                                             

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2. Donate to GFE Programming

Through Emory University, you can donate directly to GFE programming. Our programming funds cover capacity training at origin and travel that allows our farmers visit Atlanta for the annual Community Forum and Seattle for the Specialty Coffee Association Expo.                                                                


3. Grounds for Empowerment Community Forum

Every year, GFE hosts the Grounds for Empowerment Community Forum (GFECF) here in Atlanta. GFE invites our farmers to visit us in Atlanta and we have several events throughout the week for GFE supporters to attend and meet the farmers!


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4. Origin Trip

During peak harvest season, GFE takes a group of dedicated coffee enthusiasts and GFE supporters to teach them firsthand about the industry at origin. You'll have the chance to experience the supply chain from seed to cup and learn from our years of experience in Central America.

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5. Buyer’s Clubs

Want to buy GFE coffee and tell all your friends about it? Then create a Buyer’s Club! Buyer’s Club members enjoy savings on shipping ($6) by picking up their coffees at a central location. This is a great way to both advocate for the program and share our coffee with all your friends. You can also join one of our existing Buyer's Clubs.


Our Partners


University-Based Community



On the Ground Support



Roaster & Supply Chain Support